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Ford's trucks usually get the reputation for being tough, but we've seen the same toughness in the company's sedans. The Contour is no exception - it's a reliable car with a sturdy engine and comfortable interior. Look around: You'll see plenty of Contours still on the road.

A big part of the Contour's security system is right there in the key fob. The ability to pop open the doors or the trunk from a distance helps with loading groceries or escaping bad weather. When the fob goes bad, or is lost, it's a problem for drivers.

We offer the best quality remote entry fobs and transponder keys for 1995-2000 Contour models. These are OEM fobs that come with a big discount over dealerships. But that's not the only way we save you money: We'll give you detailed programming instructions so that you don't have to go back to the dealer just to get your new fob working.

At Keyless Entry Remote Fob, we know that those little buttons are a big deal. That's why we're happy to offer these big deals to our customers, and keep their Contours working at their peak.

  • 1995-2000 Ford Contour OEM 4 Button Key Fob Front View


    Ford Contour OEM 4 Button Key Fob

    Our price: $14.77
    Dealer price: $69.99

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