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If you have a Ford GT, we'll be honest: We're jealous. Built for speed and handling, the GT is a thrilling sport coupe made for people who enjoy driving right at the edge of what the speed limit allows. There are plenty of benefits to a remote entry system, but for GT drivers, nothing beats the thrill of pressing a little button and seeing the lights of that beast flicker on and off. It builds anticipation for the ride to come.

If your fob is broken or missing, you can get that push-button thrill back at a big discount. At Keyless Entry Remote Fobs, we offer OEM fobs at a savings of up to 80 percent over what a dealer would charge. That's not the only way we save you money - we'll teach you how to program your new fob, so that you don't have to call a locksmith. We also have outstanding shipping rates and a low-cost  lifetime replacement program.

Reclaim that pride of GT ownership by getting your remote entry system working again. You'll love our fobs and our customer service.

  • 2005-2006 Ford GT OEM 4 Button Key Fob CWTWB1U322 Front View


    Ford GT OEM 4 Button Key Fob CWTWB1U322

    Our price: $12.55
    Dealer price: $69.99

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