HONDA KEY FOBS & REMOTE REPLACEMENTS makes it easy to find the Honda keyless entry remote you need! Purchasing a replacement Honda key fob from a dealer can cost hundreds of dollars, and a universal car key fob is never guaranteed to work with your vehicle. Our wide selection of factory OEM Honda car remotes is guaranteed, and if it doesn't work, we will give you your money back. Select and submit your model and year from the drop-down menus above to view all compatible Honda key fobs in stock at a savings of up to 80 percent versus a dealership.


Many car owners are unaware that Honda key programming can often be done from home, and this lack of knowledge allows dealers to charge outrageous prices for doing the job. At Keyless Entry Remote, Inc., we don't just sell you a genuine Honda car remote at a big discount - we show you how to program them absolutely free! You can receive step-by-step instructions by sending a nice email, or use our programming guide page to search our blog. Sometimes you can even find helpful tips in the product reviews. We believe great customer support should be the standard, which is why we strive to provide it for everyone.


Every keyless entry remote alarm for your Honda that we sell was made by the factory and has passed every quality test imaginable. If multiple results come back in your search, select the one that matches your previous OEM Honda key fob. If you are in a situation where there isn't a previous key fob - such as when buying a used a car - it is likely that all of them will work. Feel free to call us at 402-671-5100 every weekday if you have questions or are unsure of what to search for. We guarantee satisfaction on each order and offer same-day shipping so you don't have to wait to get in your own car.

  • Honda RCPVAA010 OEM 4 Button Key Fob


    Honda RCPVAA010 OEM 4 Button Key Fob

    Our price: $33.77
    Dealer price: $119.99

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