GS 470

Lexus GS 470 Remotes and Keys

You worked hard for your Lexus GX 470. You didn't pick just any luxury SUV. The company's reputation for luxury and quality got your attention and never let go. Chances are your Lexus is working hard for you, helping create a professional image that helps you take care of your clients. If your entry remote goes missing or gets broken, however, it hurts that image. All of a sudden, your passengers are waiting on you to unlock doors.

Replacing your remote doesn't have to cost a luxury price. At Keyless Entry Remote Fob, we cover the country and find unused fobs at auto dealers, salvage yards and other suppliers. We refurbish each one into top shape, then pass savings of as much as 80 percent on to drivers. That means you will get an authentic OEM remote without paying a dealership's high price.

Your clients will never know you paid such a low price for that sharp-looking remote - unless you want them to, that is. Saving money makes a good impression these days.
  • TOY50PT Transponder Key


    TOY50PT Transponder Key

    Our price: $19.77
    Dealer price: $69.99

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