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SC 430

Lexus SC 430 Remotes and Keys

You could have picked any luxury sports coupe, but it was the Lexus SC 430 that hooked you. We don't care how bad "Top Gear" says that car is - we think it's fantastic, with its sleek look and luxury interior. We bet you love yours and do everything you can to keep it running.

If your entry remote gets damaged or stops working, that can steal away convenience and security from you. Reclaim that push-button power with Keyless Entry Remote Fob. We can ship you a fresh remote for up to 80 percent less than what a dealership will charge. Our secret is how we work with salvage yards, body shops and other suppliers to find unused remotes. We refurbish each one into top shape and pass the savings on to you.

That means you get the same OEM remote that they give to new drivers on the showroom floor for much less money. We save you even more money with our terrific shipping rates.
  • 2002-2010 Lexus SC 430 OEM 3 Button Key Fob w/ 1.5" Blade D-chip Front View


    Lexus SC 430 OEM 3 Button Key Fob w/ 1.5" Blade D-chip


    Our price: $97.77
    Dealer price: $199.99

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