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Need OEM Key Fobs?

Maybe you want to raise the perceived value of the vehicles on your lot by handing your customer a remote rather than a transponder key…

Or maybe a customer flat out told you they wanted a remote to easily access their soon-to-be vehicle.

No matter what your key fobs needs are, one thing is certain. You need your source to be cost-effective. In other words, brand new is out. Refurbished is in.

Get a business with Keyless Entry Remote Inc. to get lowered pricing on refurbished key fobs for thousands of vehicles.

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“Okay. But Do You Have The Key Fobs My Dealership Needs?”

You’ll find literally thousands of car remotes on our website. We carry most every common roadway vehicle’s remote, which means you’ve got a great selection to pick from.

“Cool. But What If I’m Not A Key Expert? How Do I Know I’m Getting The Right Product?”

Searching for key fobs on our website is easy. Put in the year, make, and model of the vehicle you need. You’ll find all compatible remotes in seconds. Meaning you can spend less time worrying about purchasing the right product, and more time finding the perfect vehicle for that lady who just entered the lot.

You can also contact your award-winning team of key fob experts for priority business account support. A quick call, email, or message will get you an answer right away.

“Sweet. But What’s The Price Like? I Can’t Spend Too Much On This Luxury Item.”

You’re right. Key fobs are a luxury item. And most customers want them for their convenience, but don’t want to buy them on their own because of the costs.

You can tackle this problem by purchasing the key fobs at a much lower price than your customers could. Because you’re purchasing for a dealership, you’ll receive a special business account discount and weekly deals. No need to break the bank to flex those sales hero muscles.

Purchasing Vehicle

“Fine. But What If I Don’t Want To Sell My Soul For A Business Account?”

You don’t have to. Signing up for a business account is completely free. Request your account to see what other advantages you're missing out on!

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Unmatched, expert support for ANY keyless remote issue. We've got your back!

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Remote & Transponder Key Programming Instructions for over 5,000 vehicles!

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