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Chrysler Crossfire Remotes and Keys

Did you lose your key fob? Buy a used car that didn't come with a remote? Get revved up for your next ride by ordering one of our Chrysler Crossfire keyless entry remotes. Dealerships don't like us because we can offer factory OEM key fob replacements at way less than what they charge. It's the exact same remote device as well. Just program it to your car and you're ready to go. Don't worry though - if things ever get heated between us and the dealer, we'll make sure you don't get caught in the crossfire. (Rim shot.)

We conduct radio frequency signal testing on each Chrysler Crossfire key fob we sell and back them with our satisfaction guarantee. If we can't get it to work and stay working within 30 days of purchase, send it back for a replacement or refund. If your keyless remote can be self-programmed, we'll even provide the programming instructions for free! Add our Lifetime Protection Plan and you'll be covered against loss, failure and theft. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for guidance or call our experts for assistance finding the right replacement key fob for all your vehicles.
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