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1995 Chevrolet Corvette Key Fob Remote Programming Instructions

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on May 22nd 2013

Here are the programming instructions for a 1995 Chevrolet Corvette Key Fob Remote. If you need an extra Key Fob or Replacement Fob for any vehicle you might have visit us at You can also leave comments or suggestions at the bottom of this blog and if you like what we provide please forward on to your friends & family; people like you are our best advertising tool!

1.  Move all Keyless Remotes out of range of vehicle. (10 to 15 feet)

2.  Turn ignition key to the ON position.

3.  Push the TRIP/ODO button on the DIC (Driver Info Center) twice.

4.  Within 5 seconds, push & hold the FUEL INFO button on the DIC until
      the PKE light comes on and stays on.

5.  Turn the ignition to the OFF position, but leave the key in the ignition.
      The PKE light will begin flashing.

6.  Bring one Keyless Remote into range. The PKE light will stop flashing
      and stay on to show the code is stored. Move the Keyless Remote out
      of range. The PKE light will begin flashing indicating the system is ready
      for the next Keyless Remote.

7.  If more than one Keyless Remote is being programmed, move the first
     Keyless Remote out of range and repeat step 6 for any additional Keyless
     Remotes. Up to three Keyless Remotes can be programmed.

8.  To turn off the programming mode, simply remove the key from the ignition
      or turn the ignition switch on.

9.  The programming mode will shut off after two minutes if.
      A)  You have not programmed any Keyless Remotes.
      B)  Removed the key from the ignition.
      C)  After three Keyless Remotes have been programmed.

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