Can I Program A Key Fob Myself?

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Nov 13th 2013

Can I program a key fob myself?  This is a question most of our customers ask and it is a tricky question.  For about 80% of vehicles the answer is yes, however there are some vehicles that require a professional to program the key fob to your vehicle.  When we say a "professional" must program it, we are referring to a mechanic, locksmith, or in a last case scenario, the dealer.  Usually this is because the programming procedure requires a computer tool to hook up to the vehicle to tell the car to go into programming mode.  So before you purchase a remote on the internet, make sure you ask if you can self program your key fob, or if you will have to have a professional do it.  A reasonable price for programming a key fob is $20-$50 depending on what type of vehicle it is.

You should ask your professional before they attempt to program the key fob to your vehicle if they will still charge you if they are unable to successfully program the remote to your vehicle.  As long as you have the correct part number and they professional has the correct equipment, this should not happen.

Hopefully this article was helpful, and if you have any questions about key fobs & key fob programming you can contact us at

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