Did Your Car Remote Stop Working?

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Dec 23rd 2013

Did your car remote stop working?  It can be a pain in the "you know what" when your vehicle key fob remote stops working.  I mean, come on, it is so hard to just put your key in the door and unlick it manually, lol!  But seriously, we have come to rely on our key fobs and that is why when they stop working it can be very frustrating.  Here are a couple tips to try and get your key fob working again:

1)  Replace the battery.  Most vehicle key fob remotes just split open.  Usually there is a small slot on the side of the remote where you can stick a small flat head screw driver in and pop the case open.  There you will find a  small coin battery.  The coin batteries have numbers on them, usually something like CR2032.  That is the battery size.  You can find new coin batteries pretty much anywhere these days, and if you are having a hard time finding them at a local store you can order them online at 

2)  Reprogram the remote.  Sometimes when the batteries in the remote go bad, or even if you had to replace your car battery, the key fob will need to be re-programmed to your vehicle.  Most of the time you can program a key fob remote yourself with a few steps of turning the key in the ignition, pushing some buttons on the door, and pressing the buttons on the remote.   To find the excat key fob programming procedure for you vehicle go to Keyless Entry Remote Inc's Free Key Fob Programming Blog.

3)  Time to buy a new one.  If you still are unable to get your car key fob remote to work you might have to replace it.  Do not go to the dealer and buy a replacement remote, we can save you up to 80%.  Our site Keyless Entry Remote Inc is easy to navigate and we ship fast!

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