2008 Dodge Durango Key Fob Remote Programming Instructions

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Mar 28th 2014

Here are the programming instructions for a 2008 Dodge Durango Key Fob Remote. If you need an extra Key Fob or Replacement Fob for any vehicle you might have visit us at You can also leave comments or suggestions at the bottom of this blog. If you like what we provide please forward on to your friends & family and share via the social media icons below; people like you are our best advertising tool!

ORDER THIS KEY FOB PART NUMBER HERE: KOBDT04A or OHT692427AA or 05175786AA or 05175817AA or 56040649AC or 56040649

**This procedure CAN ONLY be used on vehicles built in USA.

**You MUST HAVE two working programmed Remote/keys before you can add  a third remote/key.

**If you only have ONE WORKING REMOTE/KEY and want to add a second key this procedure WILL NOT WORK.

*** Click here to Find a Locksmith in your area to program remote/key if you only have one or none working remote/keys.

1.  Using first programmed remote/key turn ignition to the ON position for 5 seconds. (Do not crank engine). Turn remote/key off and remove.

2.  Within 5 seconds insert second working programmed remote/key.  Turn ignition to the ON position (Do not crank engine) security light will begin to flash and chime will be heard within 10 seconds. Turn remote/key off and remove. NOTE: Some vehicles will not chime, only the security light will flash.

3.  Within 5 seconds insert third NEW CUT remote/key and turn ignition to the ON  position (Do not crank engine). The security light should start flashing and within 10 seconds you should hear a chime and the security light should go out. Once the security light goes out, the new remote/key should be programmed. Turn remote/key to the OFF position, remove key.

4.  Test key and remote.

Having trouble programming the remote or just want a professional to program the remote for you? Enter your city or zip code in the search box below to find a professional key fob installer in your area.

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