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What Is A Key Fob?

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Mar 17th 2014

What is a key fob you ask?  A key fob is a small wireless electronic remote control that can send and receive signals to and from your vehicle.   It is sometimes connected to a traditional metal key blade or can be separate.  It may have only one push button or several buttons.  The buttons can perform such basic functions as locking and unlocking your vehicle doors.  It can also be as complex as starting, heating, or cooling a vehicle remotely. A Trunk/Hatch release button and Alarm/Panic button are some other neat things key fobs can also do.

All and all how does this work?  Without having to explain 40 bit rolling codes and synchronized transmitters, your key fob and your vehicle have small secure computer chips.  The chips are connected to one another by sending signals back and forth.  Do not be alarm, (pun intended) there is one in a billion chance, that your key fob will open another vehicle.  No matter if your key fob is used, refurbished, or brand new, programming is a must before use.  In some cases the programming can be done with easy do it yourself key fob programming instructions.  You may need the help of a local locksmith, mechanic, and or dealer when special equipment is required.

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