I Lost My Lexus Key and Key Fob What Do I Do?

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Aug 15th 2014

Did you lose the only or last key you had for your Lexus?  I really hope not!  If so, you are going are going to get really upset as you read this.  So maybe grab a stress ball or take a couple breaths....and here goes.

If you have no key that starts your Lexus you will have to have a completely new Keyless Entry / Ignition system installed.  Not sure how Lexus actually names the part that has to be replaced, but it will cost you anywhere from $700 - $2,000.  All for losing a key!

From my experience speaking with Lexus technicians the reason is once you have lost a "master key" (just a working key) there is not way to reset or program a new key to the ignition transponder system.  They can't plug a scanner or computer into the car and access any of key programming features.  Programming a key is a manual procedure.  For example, if you have a working key you can program a second key by putting the working key in the ignition, turning it from off to on a few times, opening & closing doors, jump up and down, say the work "Lexus" 10 time, and a few other circus type instructions and your spare key will be programmed.  But if you do not have that key that works, your Lexus will never get into "key programming mode".  Hence the new keyless entry / ignition purchase from the dealer for a ton of money.

So for all of you Lexus owner, PLEASE make sure you keep a spare key somewhere, and if you have to use the spare key, then get another spare key immediately!  This will save you a ton of money in the long run!

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