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Got Old Key Fobs Sitting Around? Why Not Sell Them To Us?

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Oct 2nd 2014

Here’s the thing about keyless entry remotes: When you have the car that they’re attached to, they’re invaluable little pieces of electronic equipment. When you don’t? Well, then they’re just invaluable little pieces of electronic equipment that can’t serve their purpose. If you have some of these keyless entry remotes (or key fobs) sitting around your home, your salvage yard, or even your used car dealership, then don’t let them sit around collecting dust. Sell them to us!
You may not know this, but there’s a whole market for the buying and selling of used key fobs – and we’re one of the industry leaders in that market. We’d be more than happy to take those disused key fobs off of your hands and pay you handsomely for your troubles! We take them in all shapes and sizes, too, so that we can offer our customers – who are looking to replacement their lost or broken key fobs – all of the choices they need.

Who do we typically buy key fobs from?

Salvage Yards
Auto Dealers
Tow Companies
Or Anyone That Comes Across Bulk Quantites of Key Fobs!

That Sounds Great! So, How Do I Sell You My Keyless Entry Remotes?

It’s simple! First, you can pay a visit to our website at, which has all the information you’ll need to know when you want to sell us your used keyless entry remotes. That being said, the whole process is pretty simple, and you can get paid in no time.

First you’re going to have to either call us at (402) 671-5100 (option 3), fill out the form on our website, or send us an email. Once you let us know what key fobs you have to sell, we can provide you with a quote for the purchase price.

Provided that you’re happy with what we’ll be paying you for your keyless entry remotes, we’ll be good to go. You’ll find that we provide you with a printable invoice that you can include with the keyless entry remotes when you ship them.

Once, we’ve received your keyless entry remotes, it’s time for payday! We can pay you for your key fobs by using PayPal, a company check, or even a credit card. Whatever payment method is going to work best for you is the one that will work the best for us!

With a process that’s simple, there’s not reason to let those disused key fobs sit around any longer. They may not be valuable to you, but they’re valuable to us! That’s why we pay top dollar for them.

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