I got my key fob wet what can I do to fix it?

Posted by Unknown on Oct 31st 2016

I got my key fob wet, or maybe soaked what can I do?

Will Soaking a Keyless Entry Remote in Rice Bring It Back to Life?

If your phone or iPod gets wet, whether it is from the rain or your dog dropped it in the toilet, maybe you even grabbed it while you were washing the dishes thinking it was another plate, have no fear, for rice is here!  Many people will tell you to let you phone sit in rice for some time and all the liquid will be absorbed, leaving your phone working again. While rice is great for phones, the big question is, does this trick work for keyless entry remotes, too?

            Maybe you left your keyless entry remote in your pants pocket and you just washed clothes, or maybe you dropped it in a puddle, whatever the case may be, is it fixable? It’s worth a try! Here are some easy steps to take to hopefully revive your remote.

What you need:



Zip lock baggie

Your wet remote


1.      As soon as you realize your keyless entry remote is wet, pick it up immediately! The sooner you start to revive it, the greater the chance of it surviving is. Place the remote on a towel and dab the remote, getting any of the excess water that is loose.

2.      Grab a zip lock baggie and fill it with about 2 cups of rice, depending on how big the zip lock bag is.


      Place the keyless entry remote in the zip lock baggie and seal it up nice and tight!

4.      Tuck the remote in for a good 48-hour sleep.

5.      After about 48 hours, you can take the keyless entry remote out of the zip lock bag. It is now time to find out if we saved a remote’s life!

6.      Go outside and test your remote. If it works, then yay! If not, consider replacing the battery or wiping the board (for instructions on how to open a keyless entry remote or to order a new battery visit If neither of those work, then the mission failed, but don’t fret! You can order a used remote for a great deal from the website mentioned too!

I wish you the best of luck! J

By Keyless Entry Remote Inc

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