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Does Your Vehicle Have Keyless Entry?

Posted by Unknown on Nov 17th 2016

Keyless entry remote systems are the next best thing since sliced bread, and the bread is not hard to find! Keyless entry remotes (also known as key fobs) are remote controls that connect to a keyless entry system built into your car. These key fobs allow a person to lock, unlock, pop the trunk, and other options remotely.  Meaning you don’t have to stick a key in a door to lock or unlock the door.  I mean, what did people do in the old days?  How did they manage without keyless entry?  

Now to answer the question you came here for:  Does my car come with a keyless entry system?

The world may never know. Or maybe they will! A equipped with power windows and locks will typically have the keyless entry option. However, that is NOT always the case.

Here are the steps to ensure your vehicle is equipped with keyless entry option:

  1)  Call your local car dealership and ask to speak to the parts department.

  2)  Have your vin # handy.  (vin stands for vehicle identification number).

  3)  Ask the service department if your vehicle came with keyless entry option, have that vin# ready from step 2 above, they will ask for it,

 Hopefully you are fortunate enough to have keyless entry on your vehicle.  It is such a necessary option, I mean who has time to put a key in a lock this day and age?

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