If someone knows my year make & model vehicle can't they just order a remote online and then steal my vehicle?  

What if they have my vin#, can't they get a remote and steal my vehicle that way?

These are questions that comes up all the time.  The answer is no, and the reason is when you purchase a new or used keyless entry remote or key fob replacement, it is not going to magically start working with your car. You will have to program it to your vehicle. How do you do that? Well, depending on what type of vehicle you have, you can either program the remote yourself or you will have to get it professionally programmed.

How to Program a Keyless Entry Remote to your Vehicle?

1)  Visit our website to determine if your vehicle has self-programming instructions.

2)  If you are lucky enough to have a vehicle that is self-programmable, don't celebrate just yet.  You actually have to do the programming steps, which usually consist of a bunch of acrobatics like open door, turn key, close door, turn key 5 more times, press lock button on door, get out of car and do 5 jumping jacks and so forth (we are kidding about the jumping jacks).

3)  If your vehicle does not appear when you search for it, then it may need to be professionally programmed. This can be done at the car dealership, however, that can get quite expensive. I would recommend calling a local locksmith, they can usually program a remote to the keyless entry system in your car, and they tend to be significantly cheaper.  Maybe even try your mechanic, they sometimes have the equipment to program key fobs.

If you’re in our local area (Omaha, NE) then we can program the remote for you as well! If you have any further questions on programming your remote or if you’re having troubles figuring out if you can self-program it, then give us a call at 402-671-5100.  

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