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13 Essentials Gen Z Couldn’t Live Without

Posted by Unknown on Dec 20th 2016

I recently asked one of our interns what they could not live without, and although the answers were not that surprising it sure does hurt to hear these answers.  I mean it really makes me feel old!

1)  Cell Phones
Calling, texting, video chatting; how did people communicate before?

2)  The Internet
If I couldn’t google the reviews on products, I would never know which one to buy.  Plus, the internet has all the answers I need.

3)  Credit / Debit Cards
Having to carry money around? Say what? And no online shopping? I couldn’t do it.

4)  Cars
Walking or riding a bike? Psshhhh, too much physical work.

5)  Bluetooth
Wires are so 90's.  People still use those?  Come on, Bluetooth is everywhere:  in headphones, your car, your phone,  Who is this Bluetooth guy?  I want to shake his hand!

6)  Email
When is the last time you hand wrote a letter? I have never written a letter on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, and mailed it.  I sense a hand cramp coming on, no thank you.

7)  Microwave
Actually cooking? Cutting up vegetables and marinating chicken.. sounds like a lot of time and a lot of recipe books to purchase!

8)  Laptop / Tablet
You mean I can’t carry my technology around literally everywhere. I have to sit at a desktop and can’t move around freely?  No way.

9)  Alarm
These have been around for a long time, but I am not plugging an alarm clock into the wall.  I will just use my phone.  Waking up when the sun rises? Don’t know if that would give me more or less sleep. Love/hate relationship when it comes to alarm clocks.  Actually this can't live without is integrated in cell phones, maybe I shouldn't have said this.

10)  GPS
If it wasn’t for the maps on my phone, I would be lost half of the time!

11)  Social Media
The world would end if we couldn’t keep up with the latest fashion trends or weren’t up to date on celebrity news!

12)  Air Conditioning / Heating
If there was no way to cool off on those hot summer days, I would boil! If there was no heat in the winter, I would get frost bite all over me!  I am not a cave man (no offense if you are a cave man).

13)  Key Fobs
Physically trying to fit my key in the key hole to unlock my car? Sounds like a hassle, I can't wait until I get one of those push button start vehicles, then I don't even need to take my keys out of my pocket!

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