6 Reasons Why Key Fobs Are So Awesome

Posted by Unknown on Dec 13th 2016

Our key fobs are a very under appreciated asset in our daily routine.  You might not realize the amount of time, energy, and piece of mind your keyless entry remote is giving you so we put together a list of items to remind you the role your key fob plays in helping you out every day.

1. Make shopping trips easier

Whether it’s for groceries or clothes; having a handful of bags leads to a difficult time trying to fumble with your keys to unlock the door of your car or open the trunk. Thankfully, key fobs have buttons for BOTH of those functions! At the press of a button you can open the door/trunk for easy accessibility to put the bags into the car. 

2. When you don’t remember if you locked your car

All you have to do is press the lock button until you hear the beep for confirmation! No more stressing out about it once you’re already inside and cozy.

3. When trying to find your car!

Have you ever parked in a huge parking lot, maybe at a convention or a concert, and five plus hours pass by, and now it’s time to leave. The problem is, you don’t remember where you parked! You have a general idea, but can’t seem to find where your car is. All you have to do is press the lock button again until your car beeps, then you can head in the direction of the beep until you find it!

4. For the ladies (and men), when you just got a fresh manicure!

You wouldn’t want any risky actions to mess up your wet nails! Rather than struggling so very carefully to get the key in the key hole to unlock your car, you can simply press the unlock button (you will still need to take caution opening the door, but it should be a lot easier than messing with your keys )

5. In the dark

When it’s dark outside and there are no streetlights, rather than trying to find the key hole or having to hold a flashlight to the door, just press the unlock button!

6. Uncalled for weather

If it’s pouring rain, snowing, or the sun is blazing down upon you, it’s nice to know you can unlock your car while you’re walking toward it, so as soon as you approach it you can hop right in (if you have passengers, they’ll love it too.

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