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8 Questions To Ask When Purchasing a Car?

Posted by Unknown on Dec 22nd 2016

Buying a vehicle seems to always be a stressful experience when it should be exciting.  I think the high pressure sales tactics of most dealerships make the experience more of a burden than a joy.  It is always goo to be prepared.  With the age of the internet the majority of your car buying experience can be via email.  You can ask all the questions you need, negotiate, and even get pre-purchase inspections done before you even physically touch the vehicle yourself.

There are some obvious questions you should ask the salesman, but here are a few questions you might not have thought of:

1. Recalls
Fuel gauge inaccuracy, hydraulic electronic control unit short circuiting causing fires, brake fluid leaks, fuel pump seal leaking fuel, gas pedal sticking, transmission issues… all of these are safety concerns that you should know whether or not it was/is an issue with the vehicle you are purchasing.

2. Car Reports
Websites such as Autocheck, CarFax, NMVTIS, etc. allow you to search vehicles by their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to receive information on collision records, access to title and registration, reported data from insurance carriers and salvage yards, and any important information about the history of the vehicle you are looking up.

3. Condition of tires
Are the tires new? Are they good for weather all year-round? Are they high-performance?

4. Get inspected by a mechanic
Ask if it has been inspected by a mechanic. Are there any auto parts that need fixed or on the verge of needing fixed?

5. Does it come with 2 key fobs?
This is a great question to ask. Having two key fobs provides you with a spare key in case you accidentally lock your keys in your car or you can’t find your keys in a rush. It’s always good to have a spare set around, especially since it can be expensive to get a locksmith to unlock your car to get the keys.

6. Windows and lock buttons
Do all of the window buttons work or will they get stuck once the window is halfway down? Does the lock button work or do you have to manually lock each door every time you get out of your car?

7. Heating and air
Are they properly functioning? Have there been problems with it in the past? Do the knobs work to turn on and off?

8. Car Mileage
Ask how many miles are on the car and how many were put on each year. If a lot of miles were put on in a short amount of time, figure out if it was because of road trips or a long commute to work, or if it was from multiple short, stop-and-go trips.

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