A Few Tips To Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen

Posted by Unknown on Jan 24th 2017

As Technology Advances, so Does the Probability of Your Car Being Broken Into

Breaking into cars is a crime that doesn’t seem to diminish; and the more advanced the world becomes with technology, the easier it is becoming for thieves!

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has been investigating new technology that allows thieves to break into cars without a scratch nor suspicion. The device is a two-piece device; one that picks up the key fob signal and the other that the thief uses to get into the car. Investigators are saying this device originates in Europe and has found its way into the United States.

The way the device works is quite simple. The victim exits their car, locks the doors with their key fob; oblivious to the idea that a thief could be on the prowl.  Thieves use a machine that intercepts the RF (radio frequency) signal from the victim’s key fob.  The thief watches the victim as they exit and complete the process of locking their doors behind them, and boom, they have the vehicle’s RF signal code to not only unlock the vehicle, but on some models even drive off with the vehicle.

Experts have tested different vehicles and have successfully been able to access at least 17 different makes and models.  This technology is making way into the United States and into the hands of thieves. No scratches, marks, or any evidence left behind.

There will always be car thieves as long as there are cars on the road, however you can make it more difficult for them to steal your vehicle. 

Here are some tips to consider:

·         Be aware of your surroundings, if you see someone suspicious near, drive away, find another parking spot closer to wherever it is you are going.

·         Don’t leave valuables in plain sight

o   If you have something of value, place it in the trunk.  Even an empty backpack is a target for thieves.

·         Car chargers and auxiliary cords are what thieves look for before breaking into a vehicle, so put them in the glovebox

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