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When Was The First Key Fob Made?

Posted by Unknown on Jan 5th 2017

The first test of this invention was with a keyless entry pad system called SecuriCode. Ford introduced it in 1980 with the Thunderbird and the Lincoln Mark VI. This keyless entry pad was located on the side of the driver’s door. The driver would enter a code which would unlock the driver’s door. Pressing a combination of different numbers thereafter would unlock other doors and pop open the trunk.
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However, there had to be an easier way and French automaker Renault figured it out. In 1982, a keyless entry system using a handheld transmitter was created for the Renault Fuego car. In 1983, American vehicles started creating the handheld systems as well.

The keyless remotes have radio transmitters that allow the system to connect with your car. Pushing a button on the remote sends a radio wave signal to the receiver in the car which then performs the function of the button you pressed.

The innovation of keyless entry systems escalated quickly. By 1995, smart keys hit the market. A smart key is the same concept, except the metal key is optional. The keyless entry remote that locks and unlocks the door is the same remote that starts the car. The first key of this kind was introduced as a “key-less go” remote. Pretty self-explanatory; the remote allows you to go (drive) without a metal key. This was invented by Siemens with a Mercedes-Benz. Now, smart keys are familiarized with the “push to start” vehicles.

All products have a beginning and great ones never have an end. Keyless entry systems have innovated to fit the needs of today’s technology. Who knows what they will look like in 10 years 


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