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Your first year in college is a big one. You learn new skills and meet new people. It can be really exciting to be on your own and manage your own time! When moving into your dorm for the first time, you probably bring a lot more items than you will actually use. You will also probably lack a few items that could be helpful. I put together a list of 7 items that are not necessarily priorities, but can make the college life a little more organized!

Shower caddy
Unless you have a bathroom all to yourself, a shower caddy is good idea so you don't realize you forgot your shampoo after you've already been in the shower for 5 minutes.

Spare key fob and car key
You never know when you might have to call your roommate because you lost your keys while you were out having fun!

 It's good to get a head start on due dates and other appointments you may have!

Reward yourself with a homework break or stay in one night and watch a whole season!

Laundry soap
Make the investment to purchase your own laundry soap rather than borrowing your roommates every time.

Long phone charger
Unfortunately, outlets are not always conveniently placed. Having a 10 foot charger is great when you want to browse your phone while lying in bed.

 A wallet is a great idea so you can keep all of your important items in place and take them with you wherever you go.

Toothbrush cover
It's a good idea to have something to cover your toothbrush up, that way it doesn't get dirty if it falls on the floor, etc.

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