Are Metal Car Keys Becoming Extinct [infographic]

Posted by Chris on Mar 31st 2017

Are Metal Car Keys Becoming Extinct?[infographic]
Remember manual hand-crank windows? Cassette decks? How about ash trays? Not too long ago these were all standard features on every vehicle. As time has gone on, however, they have been replaced for the sake of convenience, by technological advancements, and by shifts in consumer demands. What if we told you that we're pretty sure that the metal key is soon to be a relic of the past as well? Just as hand-crank windows and cassette decks were rendered obsolete by power windows and CD players (also becoming an endangered species) the metal key has been losing favor with the automotive consumer in recent years as they get replaced by Smart Keys. So how far away is Key-mageddon? Check out our free infographic below and see for yourself.

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