Beauty Hacks for Your Key Fob

Posted by Unknown on Mar 14th 2017

Everyone and everything needs a little pampering sometimes! Today is spa day for your key fob. Here are some beauty hacks you can use to clean and spice up your own key fob.

Wash the face
 Clean the outside of your key fob with rubbing alcohol and a towel.

Cover up any blemishes, marks, or scratches on your key fob with some nail polish!

Keep it healthy on the inside
You can open up your key fob and clean the board on the inside with rubbing alcohol and a towel as well.   Sometimes your key fob wants to be pampered and beautiful too!

New wardrobe 
The pad that displays the pictures or words of the buttons (lock, unlock, trunk, etc.) can start to fade away. That's ok though because all that means is that it is time for a new one!

If you feel that your key fob is looking a little bland, add some stickers! Make your key fob pop!

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