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What Is Keyless Go Option On Your Vehicle?

Posted by Unknown on Mar 21st 2017

Commonly known as 'Push to Start' or a smart key, Keyless Go is a feature where you don't have to use a metal key to start your vehicle. Instead, you press on the brake and press the 'start' button. Also, you don't have to use your key fob to unlock or lock your doors. The door will automatically unlock as you approach it and it will automatically lock when you exit and walk away from your vehicle. Another great thing about Keyless Go is that it is hard for a thief to steal your car. The car will shut off if it does not identify with the smart key remote it is synced up with.

So how does your car connect with your Keyless Go smart key and perform all of these amazing tasks without pressing any buttons? Well, there is a transponder in the keyless go remote that allows the vehicle to identify the driver. There are a series of low frequency transmitting antennas that are located inside and outside of the vehicle. For example, there are antennas located in the door handles so when you approach the vehicle and touch the handle to open the door, the low frequency signal is sent from those antennas to the smart key. The key will then be activated and send its ID to the car through a radio frequency. Once the vehicle identifies that the ID is correct, the door will unlock. The process sounds like a lot as if it would take forever just to unlock the door, however, this all happens within seconds!

The Keyless Go smart key is pretty neat. If your car is compatible with Keyless Go and you need to replace your remote or want a spare one lying around, you can order one from

Fun fact: there is a safety feature in the vehicle that makes it impossible to lock the Keyless Go smart key in the car!


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