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Auto Theft Prevention Tips

Posted by Unknown on May 9th 2017

Being victim to auto theft is never a choice, but here are some tips to possibly prevent it from happening to you!

1. Park in a lit spot.
Dark areas can be targets for thieves. Try to park under a light post or wherever there is a source of light that can shine on your vehicle.

2. Keep valuables out of sight.
Don't leave money, chargers, jewelry, or anything of value in plain sight. Take them with you or hide them in the glove box or middle console.

3. Lock your doors.
As soon as you exit your vehicle lock your doors. Also, as soon as you get into your vehicle, lock the doors as well for precaution just in case someone tries to come up to the door.

4. Be aware of your surroundings.
Check the area around you to make sure it's safe before you exit or enter your vehicle.

5. Close windows and don't leave the keys in the ignition.
Make sure you roll the windows all the way up, because even if you lock the doors, thieves can unlock it more easily if the windows are down. Also, don't leave your car running!

6. Install an anti-theft system.
If you car doesn't already have one, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get one. This way, the car will easily be recovered.

7. Leave your wheels parked toward the curb.
If you park on an incline or near a curb, keep the wheels turned toward the curb so it is a bit more difficult for the thief to get away.

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