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How To Make Your Current Vehicle Greener

Posted by Unknown on Jun 2nd 2017

You always see recycling bins and trash cans to keep the environment "green." But how about keeping it green with your car? Because what sounds better than that? (besides a fresh, hot homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top). Here are a few ways to go green with your car.

1. Green Cars
This is the most obvious one. Driving a hybrid car can help collect and reuse energy that normally goes to waste in standard cars. Find a car with more miles to the gallon and one that has a fuel eco-mode.

2. Green Driving
Work on your driving techniques. Try to avoid sudden starts and sudden stops. Also, driving the speed limit will help too. Doing these things will prevent you from damaging your miles per gallon (mpg). Also, try to minimize the miles you drive. Take shorter paths and run your errands wisely.

3. Car Pooling
If you have neighbors, coworkers, classmates that live near you or are on the way to your destination, pick them up and ride together. Take turns driving or use programs like ZipCar.

4. Exercise
If you aren't traveling far, take a walk, ride a bike, take the skateboard out. If you live near a grocery store and the weather is nice, walk there instead of driving. If you're taking a trip to the park, don't drive the car. If you live near a bus stop, take the bus more often.

5. Air Conditioning
Don't blast your AC all the time. Roll the windows down and get a nice breeze. Try to park in the shade so your car isn't burning up as soon as you get in.

6. Location
Find a home that is close to work, school, stores, etc. Living close to the places you visit everyday calls for using your car less and saving yourself time!

7. Check-Ups
Get your car checked frequently. Clean air filters help burn less gas and pollute less. Here is a list of regular car checks you should have done annually.  Having the right tire pressure can save billions of gallons of gas. Did you know that keeping junk out of your trunk is actually good for your car, not just for the mess. The heavy weight in your truck can destroy your fuel economy.

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