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Some Things You Didn't Know About Your Car

Posted by Unknown on Aug 2nd 2017

Whether you're a fan of cars or you just want some cool facts to impress your friends, check these out:

  • It takes 25 hours to build a car 
  • Modern vehicles filter out pollen and pollutants (perfect if you have allergies!)
  • The "new car smell" is made of 50 organic compounds
  • The average car has 30,000 parts
  • Americans spend on average 38 hours a year sitting in traffic
  • The Ford Crown Vic was the last car to be made with a cassette player
  • The first coin operated parking meter was installed in 1935 in Oklahoma City
  • If a crash occurs, the airbag will deploy in 55 milliseconds (the time it takes to blink or sneeze) and it deploys at 200 mph
  • The car most stolen in the US is a Honda Accord

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