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What is a Transponder Key?

Posted by We Buy Key Fobs on Sep 29th 2017

This is a transponder key.
transponder key
- Transmitter embedded in the head
- Sends radio signals to car
- Unique to your specific car
- Harder for auto theft

This is a regular key.
metal key
- Opens doors
- Starts your vehicle
- Can be easily cut and copied



transponer key
A transmitter is a device that can receive and transmit radio signals to a receiver. The receiver in this case is the engine control unit, which is located near the ignition switch.

This process begins in your car when the engine control unit (ECU) recognizes a key in the ignition.

When this happens, the receiver will send a signal to the transponder.
The transponder will then send the correct signal back to the ECU. 
Car can then start.

If the transponder does not send the correct radio signal back, the car will not start. 

Transponder keys are great for eliminated the chance of having your car stolen. If a thief were to copy a set of your keys, the copied key would not work because it does not have the proper transponder. Also, if a thief tries to hot wire your car, it will not start because there is no radio signal from the key. Criminals can and do find ways to work around this though, so you're never 100 percent theft free.

Locksmiths and dealerships can program a car to fit a transponder key. They can also deprogram a transponder key if you have had your keys stolen.

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