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5 Steps to Take When You Have Lost Your Car Keys

Posted by We Buy Key Fobs on Oct 4th 2017

lost car keys

1. Stay calm- Panicking in these types of situations will only make them more difficult to handle. 

2. Search everywhere- And not just once, but twice, five times even to be sure. Search your house, office, or the store you were just shopping at. Replacing your car keys is not a small fee, so you want to be 100 percent sure you have lost them.

Okay, you've looked everywhere, they are really gone. Now how do I replace my key

3. Figure out what type of key you lost- You will need to tell the locksmith/dealer the type of key you had for them to replace it. 

- Traditional key- Standard metal keys are the easiest to duplicate, which is ideal for this type of situation, but lack security for you any other time of the year. 
metal key

- Transponder Key- If your car was made any time after the late 90s, chances are you have some type of transponder key. These keys are great for security reasons, but make getting a replacement a bit trickier.
transponder key
- Smart Key- These keys come with advanced features that are extremely beneficial to the driver. You’ll be paying a price for this though when having yours replaced. 

4. Dealer or locksmith- Deciding between going to a locksmith or a dealership is your next step. Dealerships will no doubt be able to get you your new set of keys, but you’ll have to pay a pretty penny for it. Most locksmiths nowadays have the tools to fashion you a new replacement key depending on the age and make of your vehicle. Deciding which is the best option for you is all about doing some research- like seeing if they can do it, and how much they will charge. 

Whether you chose a locksmith or a dealer you will need to have your: 

  • Year, make, and model of vehicle
  • Registration  
  • VIN number  
  • Photo ID (to prove you are the owner)

The locksmith/dealer will be able to take it from there in getting you your new key replacement. 

5. Purchase a spare key- The best way to save yourself the money, time, and stress of losing your car keys is to purchase a spare key ahead of time. Like right now. Find your key by make, model, and year at

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