Are the buttons on your car or truck remote not working?  Do you have to press super hard or a bunch of times before the button will work?  We have the fix you need to get your buttons working again.  There are two steps to this key fob fix:

 Tools you will need:

•  Flat head screw driver
•  Microfiber cloth
•  Rubbing alcohol
•  Aluminum foil
•  Super glue

 Estimated time to completion:

•  5 Minutes

  Skill Level

•  Beginner

1)  Clean your key fob circuit board. You would be surprised at how much dirt and gunk gets applied to the circuit board in your car or truck remote.  The goo gets so thick it breaks the contact with the remote button pad and the actual key fob circuit board.  That is one reason why the remote isn't working!  Here is a video on how to clean the circuit board in your key fob:

Now that you cleaned your remote circuit board you might need to reinforce the contact between the button pad and the circuit board.  The buttons wear out over time and there is a super easy trick that will give your button pad the contact it needs to actually send a signal to your car.  

2)  Use the aluminum foil trick to repair your remote's button pad and circuit board connection so they make contact. Watch this video to see how easy it is:

If these steps don't work visit our other ideas on How To Fix A Key Fob.  We also sell Factory OEM key fob replacements and spares for up to 80% off retail prices. Simply Find Your Vehicle's Year, Make, & Model and choose your key fob.

Keyless Entry Remote Inc. supplies factory oem (original equipment manufacturer) key fobs.  What this means is you will receive the same key fob that was made for your Equinox, no knock-offs.  This guarantees the remote will work with your vehicle.

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