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Keyless Entry Remote Got a New Address!

Posted by We Buy Key Fobs on May 2nd 2019

People moving boxes

Tweet it to the world, Keyless Entry Remote moved offices! (Or don’t. It’s up to you.)

Buuuuuut in case you are interested in spreading the word, I’ll leave the new address here for you:
7902 Davenport Street
Omaha, Ne 68114

Pause! I sent a return package to the old address. What do I do?

Nothing. Our forwarding address is already set up, so we'll receive your package at the new location.

Cool. Resume moved-offices news.

What the Move Means for You


Space? Yeah, not to brag, but our new building has plenty of that. It’s kind of a big deal.

And we’re going to have to do something with all this new space… we may as well fill it with more OEM key fobs in an attempt to erase the phrase “out of stock” from our dictionary. And your dictionary. (Don’t worry, you won’t even miss it.)


More space? Yeah, we’ve got more space.

And what could be a better use for that space than filling it with more trained car remote experts to answer all your burning car remote questions?

Hear us out, our expanded team of experts will help you...

...find the exact remote for your vehicle,

...learn how to sync your remote to your vehicle,

...and be your “phone-a-friend” for that game show you’re on that has a random key fob question and you have one million dollars on the line!

you’ll be on the phone with the exact person you need in less time. 

(We only ask that you share some of your game show winnings. Remove this sentence, we can’t say that. Okay, we “definitely” won’t ask that you share some of your game show winnings. )

Since Keyless Entry Remote Inc. was first started back in 2011 by J.J. Feregrino, you have always been our number one priority.

This move is no different. The new building was renovated to fit your needs, not ours. Every area and adjustment we made was done to help improve your experience working with us.

Thank you so much for your continued support and business.

Without you, this move wouldn’t have been possible.

Whether you’re…

...a repeat customer who’s been with us for years,

...a brand new customer with your first transaction under your belt,

...or a contemplating customer, waiting for the perfect time to take the Keyless Entry Remote plunge,

we appreciate you and look forward to your first order from the new building. (And the many after that. If that’s cool with you.)

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