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Why You Should NOT Have A Spare Car Key

Posted by We Buy Key Fobs on Aug 29th 2019

"What do you mean I should not have a spare key?" you're probably wondering.

Becaaaaaause being prepared is for responsible members of society. And who wants to be that? Being responsible is such a pain.

But being irresponsible? That’s easy! And it comes with its own set of life’s adventures.

Here are some examples:

Life’s All About Opportunities

Car parked at a gas station pump

Have you truly lived your life to the fullest if you’ve never accidentally locked your keys in the car at the most inopportune time?

Just imagine it:
You’re rushing to make it to an interview for your dream job at your dream company. Suddenly, you notice your gas tank is on E. No, it’s past E. You need to fill up NOW.

Luckily, you read up on some interview tips and knew to give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview site. You can still make it in time to be twelve minutes early.

So you pull in to the nearest station (which just so happens to be the one you hate the most). You jump out of the car and start pumping gas like the star pit crew member in a Nascar race.

The pump makes that clunk noise to signal your tank is full. Quick as lightning, you swipe your card and you're ready to go.

You pull on the door handle... but it sticks.

You try to open the door again. It still doesn’t open.

You try one more time, eyes squeezed shut tight like a kid wishing on a shooting star. Nope.

A pit forms in your stomach as you lean forward, peering into the vehicle. There, sitting in the cupholder in the center console, are your keys.

You say a fun little word under your breath as you make your way into the gas station to ask to borrow a phone so you can call a locksmith.

They say it’ll be another thirty minutes before they can get to you. There goes your dream job interview. Bonus: you've got to pay a huge lockout fee to get into your vehicle.

As you wait, some snot-nosed who saw everything points at you as he whispers something to his mom. You imagine it’s something along the lines of, “Mommy, that person locked themself out of their car in front of the gas pump. Look at the huge line they’re holding up. I’m glad that’s not you.”

When the mother isn’t looking, you stick your tongue out at the kid. It’s a small, fleeting ounce of joy for you in this moment of absolute devastation.

And just think, if you’d had a spare key tucked away in your wallet or purse, you’d have missed this completely avoidable situation. Or at the very least, you could have left the key at home or with a friend and avoided the lockout fee.

And what's worse? You remembered why you hated this place so much. It smells SO bad.

Trust Is Key (Pun Intended)

Aerial view of a parking lot

You’re heading out on a business trip that’s out of state. Luckily, you don’t have to drive. Your company booked you a flight.

Unluckily, all of your friends and family were too busy to drop you off at the airport. But parking is expensive... So you form a plan to drive yourself, but have your best friend pick up your car from the airport when they get off work.

You flip open the little door to the gas tank and leave your keys there. (Because no one has ever left their keys in such an inconspicuous spot.)

And because you’re the bestest friend ever, you drop a pin on your exact location and send it to your friend so they can find your car right away.

When you land you’ve got about twenty missed texts and three voicemails from your friend. Someone found your keys and stole your car…

Huh. Well, at least you didn’t have to deal with the hassle of dropping off a second set of keys with your friend. Crisis averted? Kinda?


Maybe the thief will return it...

You never liked the paint color anyways...

Sharing Is Caring

Woman offering a set of car keys

What’s better than having to share a vehicle with someone else? Having to share a vehicle and its only key with someone else!

Nothing brings two people closer together than that time spent taking passive-aggressive jabs at each other for being incapable of leaving the ONLY car key in a designated area you both agreed on.

Really, what’s so hard about remembering to reach in your pocket and drop the keys in a bowl that is literally two feet away from the front door?

But honestly, you’d much rather spend your time digging through piles of someone else's dirty jeans to find your shared car key than get a spare- wait! The pile just moved! 

What is that!? 

Nope, nope, nope, nope, you are out!

Okay, on second thought, maybe a spare key isn’t such a bad idea? I mean, it’s not like it’s that expensive (some places will sell used remotes for up to 80% off dealer prices). And that thing seemed to really enjoy the jingling sound, so maybe you should get two spares, just to be safe.

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