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Seven Things You Need To Do After A Car Accident

Posted by Lexis on Nov 25th 2019

Car accidents are incredibly common in the United States and account for one of the most common kinds of personal injury claims. It is important for people to understand that the steps they take immediately after any crash can be incredibly important when it comes to obtaining compensation later on.

A Denver car accident lawyer can be very beneficial for any person who feels overwhelmed or confused about what to do after an accident, but you should generally try to follow all of these steps:

Stop Immediately — Do not leave the scene of your crash, as it is likely a criminal offense and you could make a bad situation far worse. Always come to a complete stop, even if your accident was a minor “fender bender.”

Protect the Scene — Turn on your hazard lights and use emergency flares to alert other drivers that disabled vehicles are on the road or the side of the road.

Seek Medical Attention — Regardless of whether you think you were hurt, you must always be sure that you get your condition evaluated by a medical professional. You should still go to a hospital even when you do not think you were hurt, as waiting days or weeks to visit a doctor could end up being used against you as insurance companies will often claim that injuries were not treated properly and are thus not compensable.

Call Police — Make sure you contact the local law enforcement agency so you can have a police report filed in connection to your crash. The law could require you to seek law enforcement assistance if the crash caused an injury or death. Tell police what occurred before your accident, and officers may even ticket negligent drivers who caused crashes.

Take Pictures — Get as many photographs as you possibly can of everything involved in your crash scene. Get pictures of vehicles, people, and all other relevant factors including skid marks on the road or obstructed road signs.

Exchange Insurance Information — Give your automobile insurance policy information to other drivers and also get their own insurer information. Also request driver's licenses. Report your accident to your insurer, but be especially cautious if you are contacted by another driver's insurance company.

Call a Lawyer — You do not want to wait to get an attorney involved in your case, as they will be able to quickly commence their own independent investigation into your accident that will allow them to determine the actual cause, collect all relevant evidence, and identify every single liable party.

It again needs to be emphasized that people have to be very careful in dealing with any insurance company for another driver. Agents for these insurers will try to seem very friendly and concerned about you in an effort to make you think that they are interested in helping you, but all insurance companies maintain commitments only to their bottom lines.

Most insurance companies are looking for ways to pin blame on other drivers, and one way this is accomplished is through statements that people provide to insurers. For this reason, you should always avoid providing any kind of recorded statement to an insurance company.

You should let a lawyer deal with an insurance company for you. An attorney is going to be able to help you avoid saying anything that could jeopardize your case, but they will also have a far more solid understanding of the true value of your case.

Most people have no idea what their injury claim might actually be worth, and they can often be taken aback when an insurance company extends a lump sum settlement offer. You need to know that whatever an insurer is trying to offer you is almost certainly a fraction of what you are actually entitled to, so you should let a lawyer try to get you what you actually need and deserve.

When you have an attorney, they are going to be able to negotiate a fair and full settlement to your case that actually covers all of your past, present, and future expenses relating to your injuries. If an adequate settlement proves to be impossible, then the lawyer can file a lawsuit to take your case to court.

Remember that no two car accidents are ever the same, and each crash is going to involve its own unique set of individuals, vehicles, and circumstances. You will always be in the best position to achieve the most full recovery possible when you are working with an experienced personal injury attorney who has handled many other car accident cases just like yours.

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