How Much Does a Key Fob Cost?

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Aug 17th 2020

Replacing a key fob is a challenge these days. You used to be able to make copies at the hardware store in about 15 minutes. Now, the key fob replacement cost is significantly higher in time and money. Fortunately, Keyless Entry Remote Inc is here to help.

Types of Keys and Fobs

How Much Does a Key Fob Cost?

Basic Key

A basic key may look like the old keys you used to get at the hardware store. However, this model includes a security chip, even if it does not include remote entry. That security chip drives the price of key replacement.

Ignition Key and Remote

These also resemble physical keys, though the remote entry is often built into the key handle. Since the two components are still individual, the key fob replacement cost for this type of key is usually not astronomical.

Key Fob and Remote

This model of key fob allows for the push-button start as well as remote entry. That means a more complex circuitry inside and a much higher key fob replacement cost. These also require more complex fob programming to pair to your vehicle.

Key Fob with Keyless Entry

These fobs are the most complex and top the list of key fob replacement prices. The key fobs allow the bearer to leave the key in their purse or pocket. The car recognizes that the fob as it approaches and enables the handy push-button start.

Cost of Programming

The often-missed factor in key fob replacement cost is the programming. Key fobs do not magically pair with cars, and the more recently a car was made, the more likely it will need expensive equipment to replace the key fob price.

Unfortunately, the professionals who can do key fob programming know you cannot do it on your own. Therefore, the price may be something astronomical compared to how long the process takes. You will need to research if your car make, model, and year allow you to self-program the fob before buying

If your car does not offer self-programming key fobs, you can visit a locksmith, mechanic, or your car’s dealership. Typically, the locksmith and mechanic are more cost-effective choices if they have the right equipment.

The Total Issue

Ultimately, you could pay as little as $100 for a new, programmed key fob, or you could pay more than $500. The programming does make an enormous difference, as does the complexity of the fob you are replacing. That comes down to your car information, though.

If possible, avoid ending up in a situation where you only have one key fob for your car. Adding urgency to the key fob replacement cost never works in your favor. Instead, look for a spare when you are down to a single key fob to avoid a stressful situation.

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