Dodge Key Fob Programming Instuctions

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Aug 24th 2020

You work hard, and you don’t want to pay people money for something you can do yourself. Dodge key fob programming can be do-it-yourself following instructions. However, recent cars and specific systems will require you to go to a dealership or a locksmith for the proper equipment.


·         Owner’s manual
·         Patience

Option 1: Your Owner’s Manual

The first step once your new Dodge key fob is consulting your owner’s manual. If your Dodge vehicle was made before 2010, chances are you can follow the self-programming key fob instructions without an issue. If your vehicle model is more recent, your vehicle manual will not include these options.

Dodge key fobs are relatively straightforward to program; however, you do need a working key with existing programming. The typical instructions involve inserting the working key. Then you insert, remove, and insert the new key again. Consult your manual for more detailed Dodge key fobprogramming instructions for your specific car model.

Option 2: The Locksmith

If following the DIY instructions does not work or your vehicle is more recent, the next most cost-effective option is an automotive locksmith. You may think a locksmith only opens your door, but the shops tend to have a variety of purposes. They can install, adjust, and repair many facets of your locking system.

These companies possess the specialized equipment in some cases to handle your Dodge key fob programming, though not all have the latest equipment. However, you should ensure you have the information on your car in front of you while calling around asking about Dodge key fob programming.

Option 3: Mechanics

A mechanic’s shop is a good option for older vehicles, especially if you have a friend in the business. If you’re a regular customer, you may even get a discount on your Dodge key fob programming. This route may cost you more than a locksmith would, but it will probably be cheaper than a Dodge dealership.

However, unless there is an automotive locksmith attached to your favorite mechanic shop, programming a recent Dodge key fob is unlikely. Many mechanic shops simply do not keep that kind of specialized equipment in the shop. It’s expensive for them and rarely used.

Option 4: The Dealership

The dealership is the most expensive Dodge key fob programming option available. You know the dealership can follow the instructions and has the proper equipment. It should still be the last option you look at, even if you know your dealership will do the programming right the first time.

Dealerships charge you mark-ups and fees to perform your Dodge key fob programming, including requiring you to buy the fob from them. That’s how Dodge ended up specifying that all cars after 2010 needed specialized equipment for their key fob programming.

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