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How to Program a Key Fob to Your Car

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Aug 17th 2020

Getting a new key fob is a nerve-wracking process, and you always wonder if you are getting the right fob. Unfortunately, on top of that, many key fob programming instructions are complicated. Some even prohibit you from doing it yourself. This instruction guide will help you determine what you can do with your key fob programming to avoid paying a hefty bill.


  • ·         Owner’s manual
  • ·         Patience
How to Program a Key Fob to Your Car

Option 1: Your Owner’s Manual

When your new key fob arrives, your first stop should be your car’s owner’s manual. There should be a section on key fob programming instructions. In some cases, these instructions consist of telling you to take your car into a dealership.

In other cases, the manual will give you the key fob programming instructions. These are called self-programming key fob/car pairs. If you have patience, you can follow these key fob programming instructions. Then you do not need to pay anyone to pair your new key fob programming to your car.
Typically, key fob self-programming instructions require a complex series of maneuvers that you must complete within a specified time. These actions may take you a few tries, but not needing to outsource your key fob programming is worth the trial on your patience.

Option 2: The Locksmith

While you may associate locksmiths with opening your car when you lock your keys inside, their use goes far beyond that. These professionals may be able to save you significant amounts of money if your favorite shop has the proper equipment.

A locksmith may be able to complete the key fob programming if he or she has the right equipment on hand. This will vary significantly based on your car make, model, and year. Make sure you have that information in front of you while you are calling around.

Option 3: Mechanics

A mechanics shop may also have the equipment you need for professional key fob programming. These professionals tend to be jacks of all trades and car makes, so it’s worth asking around about. This route may cost you more than a locksmith.

If possible, check with your regular mechanic first. Since you are a loyal customer there, the shop may give you a discount on your key fob programming.

Option 4: Dealership

The last option you should consider is the dealership. You know the dealerships can follow the professional key fob programming instructions since the company wrote them. However, this route is the most expensive option on the list.

Dealerships will charge you their marked-up fees for the duration it takes the mechanics to set up your new key fob programming. Additionally, many of the dealerships will cost you more if you do not buy a key fob from them. It’s part of the business, unfortunately.

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