Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro Screen Icon Definitions

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Sep 14th 2020

Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro Home Scree Display Icons

The Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro is a wonderful piece of equipment. However, interpreting the display while you are not familiar with the icons can be challenging. After setting up your Smart Pro, it’s best to familiarize yourself with these icons so you’re ready for the job ahead.

Vehicle Selection

Smart Pro Vehicle Selection Icon
Vehicle selection is the furthest right Smart Pro icon in the top row. This takes you to a manufacturer menu, followed by a make menu. You can change the region of the list if necessary. You need this menu so you can connect to vehicles using the correct protocols.


Smart Pro Programming Icon
The programming icon on the Smart Pro display will remain greyed out until you connect to a vehicle via an OBD cable. This button takes you back to the same listing you used to connect to the car. From there, you can perform functions from that main vehicle menu, such as key programming.


Smart Pro OBD Icon
The OBD Smart Pro display icon is used to sort through and clear engine fault codes. The Smart Pro is equipped to display the fault codes, help you work through them, and eventually clear them as you resolve the issues. This makes it a versatile diagnostic tool.


Smart Pro Transponder Icon
The transponder icon is used with another Smart Pro tool, the Smart Aerial. This device cuts down the time it takes to program new keys by using pre-coded snippets. Using the Smart Aerial with the Smart Pro makes ID48 and ID46 transponder coding a breeze.


Smart Pro Settings Icon
The settings icon is the rightmost in the bottom row of the display. This Smart Pro icon is useful for changing things you picked in the initial setup, such as region or language. Additionally, this is where the Wi-Fi settings are located. If you move around with your Smart Pro, you may find yourself reaching for this icon often.


Smart Pro Updates Icon
The Smart Pro update icon is reasonably self-explanatory. Clicking this icon will prompt your Smart Pro to check for available updates. These updates help keep your Smart Pro secure. They also update the onboard database.

My SmartPro

My Smart Pro Icon
My SmartPro accesses your account and displays the status from your account. Depending on your chosen plan type, you may see your token amount or your subscription information. You must keep track of this information and purchase the appropriate token option so that you can continue using your Smart Pro unhindered.

My Previous Vehicles

Smart Pro My Previous Vehicles Icon
The My Previous Vehicles icon is a time saver on your Smart Pro. This icon allows you to access a log of the last vehicles programmed, so if you’re doing a batch, it’s more efficient. You can also use it like a favorites menu and avoid needing to use the vehicle search function on your Smart Pro display. That convenience is priceless.

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