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Futura Auto Set Up Assembly

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Sep 2nd 2020

The Futura Auto Key Cutting Machine From Advanced Diagnositcs

The Futura Auto is a multifunctional tool for cutting numerous vehicle keys. You will find it’s a great multitasker for your shop, especially if you work with multiple manufacturers. First, you need to set up the Futura Auto machine safely following the instructions.

Setting Up the Futura Auto Machine

The machine comes with cutting tools, a tablet, key clamps, and a mounting bracket. This is everything you will need to run the device apart from the key material. The Futura Auto assembly also includes a detailed series of instructions.

To begin, you will need to lift the machine shield and pull out the quick start instructions. This sheet contains all the information you need regarding setting up power cords for the machine and tablet, along with how to initialize the software. It’s important to find the emergency stop on the right side as well, and that raising the shield during a cut will stop the cut.

You may want to store the cutting pieces inside the machine slot holes. Additionally, the two clamps are for two different key styles. You will need to install the 01VA when doing standard edge cut keys. The 01RA is for track cut keys and comes installed in the Futura Auto assembly.
Once the parts are set up, you should be ready to initialize the tablet and cut your first key.

About the Tablet

Before you can cut a key, you need to take care of the Futura Auto tablet instructions. The tablet will need a full charge to operate efficiently, so plug it in while you are working with the stand.

The tablet stand can be attached to the machine on the top using the red knobs or placed beside the machine. The tablet stand uses the red dial on the front of the Futura Auto assembly for attachment, while the dial on the back adjusts the viewing angle.

The Futura Auto has a built-in wireless connection between the tablet and the key cutting machine. This wireless connection will never connect to another access point. The first time you boot up the tablet and machine, it will take a few moments to establish. If any instructions appear on the tablet, follow them.

Futura Auto Software Set Up Instructions

It is important to note that the Futura Auto machine stores the software for key cutting, not the tablet. The tablet accesses the machine software through a built-in application. It is also important to note that if your application on the tablet appears to run slowly, the first solution is plugging the tablet in.

The first time you open the software, check the options. You want to confirm the measurement unit is thousandths of an inch, that all the comparatives your company uses are enabled, and that the reference key manufacturer is ILCO. You also want to make sure all the cross-checking features are enabled in standard key preferences so that the keys are usable.

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