How to Calibrate the Futura Auto Key Cutting Machine

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Sep 21st 2020

Futura Auto Key Cutting Machine Calibration

The first time, figuring out how to calibrate your Futura Auto key cutting machine can be intimidating. However, the program is designed for user-friendliness. You can quickly calibrate your device, and over time, this may even become a ten-minute procedure for you.

Finding the Calibration Menu

On the home page of your Futura Auto key cutting machine, tap settings and then tap zero-point calibration. Be aware that this will erase all previous calibrations, which means you will need to complete the full process before resuming work with your Futura Auto key cutting machine.

The calibration process links to the relevant manual section for each step. You should be able to follow the screen prompts rather than needing to refer to it. Upon completion of each step, a checkbox will appear by that clamp or tracer.

Zero Point Calibration

futura auto zero point calibration

The first calibration on your Futura Auto key cutting machine is the 01RA clamp, so install that one with the jaw closed. Load the 06T tracer and then ensure the device is free of shavings. Then, close the hood, confirm you want to begin calibration, and wait for the machine to complete the process. Tap yes, and the data will save.

The 01RA

Tap into the calibration menu in your setting menu. Then select dimple track keys and 01RA, since you needed that clamp installed for the zero-point calibration. The device will have you confirm you want to calibrate and that the proper parts are installed before you can begin the calibration. After the operation, click yes, and then you will see a checkbox on your settings menu.

The Mobile Tracer

The calibration on your Futura Auto key cutting machine for the mobile tracer uses the same clamp as the last calibration. Tap mobile tracer in your Futura Auto key cutting machine calibration menu. Make sure to lower the tracer, and then confirm the various menus until calibration starts. Click save after the operation is complete and observe the checkbox.

The 01VA

For this process, select clamps/standard keys from the calibration menu. You will need to change the clamp to the 01VA on the A-side. Then you will install a Z3 template using the shoulder stop. Make sure the shield is down before continuing into the calibration. Make sure you hit save once this is complete so that the checkbox is marked.

Additional Clamps

You will use 06T for all calibrations on all clamps. Simply find the clamp you want to calibrate on the menu to begin the process. However, it is essential to uninstall the 06T upon completion. Otherwise, you may break the tip by cutting a key and need to buy a replacement.

Futura Auto Key Cutting Machine Calibration Timing

Futura Auto recommends you calibrate your machine at least once a month. However, moving the machine or using it in a mobile locksmithing setting may result in additional calibration requirements.

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