How to Repair a Key Fob in 5 Minutes or Less

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Sep 14th 2020

Key fobs are fickle instruments, and one not working can ruin your entire day. Fortunately, you can take steps to fix your key fob in 5 minutes or less. These simple steps to repair a key fob can have you back on the road quickly without expensive assistance.

Check the Battery

The battery is the most likely part of a key fob to need repair. Batteries constantly drain in key fobs, so replacing one is a quick fix. This is also one of the choices that car manufacturers expect owners to take, so there’s no overly delicate machinery to worry about.

Make sure you use the appropriate screwdriver while disassembling your key fob for repair. From there, the batter should be easily removable. Then place the new battery in the fob with the same side down as the old one. From there, it’s a matter of reassembling the fob and seeing if it works.

Clean the Board

If changing the battery does not work, the next likely key fob culprit to fix is the board contacts. These contacts get dirty, even in a correctly assembled key fob. You’ll need a little bit of rubbing alcohol and a rag to do this procedure. Simply open the key fob, get the rag damp with the rubbing alcohol, wipe, and leave to dry before reassembly.

Use Canned Air

Canned air is useful for repairing all sorts of electronics, including key fob. In this case, you want to strategically apply air to blow out any debris once you get the fob open. This should fix the key fob if the debris was pressing against a component.

Inspect the Buttons

Key fob buttons get a lot of use, and sometimes they need repair. To fix this part of the key fob, disassemble the remote and remove the button pad. Then use the rubbing alcohol and rag to ensure that their buttons are not sticking or carrying debris.

Try an Off-The-Wall Key Fob Repair Trick

If none of the options have worked so far, you should consider trying this trick to fix a key fob. Pop the hood of the vehicle and disconnect the negative side of the car battery. Do the same to the positive terminal. Leave the battery alone for about ten minutes, and then reconnect the battery in the opposite order you disconnected.

This trick forces some restarts within the car systems. In some cases, it can fix your key fob without you needing to do all the other steps. However, this trick will not work if your car battery is dying or if there is something wrong with the fob itself.

If Nothing Works to Fix Your Key Fob

Unfortunately, there will be some key fobs that cannot be fixed with the items on this list. At that point, you will likely need to replace the key fob rather than repair it. Remember, you do not necessarily need a dealership to do this.

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