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How to Use the Futura Auto Key Cutting Machine Software

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Sep 2nd 2020

An Automotive Key Cutting Machine

The Futura Auto key cutting machine is an excellent option for your shop. The overall design is economical, and the software is practical. For the first few times, refer to the enclosed explanations.

Finding the Futura Auto Key Cutting Machine Instructions

One of the easy ways to use the Futura Auto key cutting machine is reading the instructions. The device instructions can be accessed from the info button on the tablet home screen. You can also access the manual by going into the settings and selecting info. These are a detailed guide to using the Futura Auto key cutting machine.

The Vehicle Keys Menu

Under the search button on the home screen are two buttons. One is for the transponder guide, which contains all the possible ILCO and Silca solutions. The vehicle keys button takes you to a comprehensive menu with multiple search restrictions. You can use this if you do not have a working key to copy. It can even work based on code or key blank series.

Copy Vehicle Keys

If you have a working vehicle key you are copying, then this is the fastest option. The Futura Auto key cutting machine reads the original. The software then diagnosis the key parameters and begins cutting an identical key. You can also give it the make, model, and year of the car for added duplication precision.

The Favorites Menu

If you find yourself making copies of specific keys more frequently, adding them to the favorite menu saves your search time. You can add new favorites from the search menus. You can also remove favorites by tapping the stars in the favorite menu. That way, your menu stays clean and useful.


A queue is an efficiency tool. You can compile it from the search list or use an importation from your computer. Note that you should not leave the Futura Auto key cutting machine alone as you will still need to load the new blanks upon the completion of each key.

Futura Auto Key Cutting Machine Options: Calibration

Key cutting requires precision. That makes calibration an essential function you should have a schedule for. The Futura Auto key cutting machine can calibrate the clamps, tracers, and adapters used on it from this menu in the settings.

Futura Auto Key Cutting Machine Options: Maintenance

Maintenance helps your machine remain operational. You can test all the vital functions from the maintenance menu and should do so regularly. Additionally, you need to schedule a time to check for Futura Auto key cutting machine software updates. Otherwise, your machine could become vulnerable or not have the latest templates.

Backup and Restore

The backup and restore functions are useful for keeping your company data secure. It can save you time if you must erase the machine for some reason. Then you can simply restore the Futura Auto key cutting machine backup through the USB port. No settings are lost, nor are any customizations.

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