We've all been there.  You are driving along the road when you look down and see the dreaded check engine light is on.  You panic, should I pull over?  Is my car going to break down?  How much is this going to cost?  

Your car check engine light is located on the instrument cluster, usually by the odometer or speedometer.Having a check engine light come on can be stressful, but the good news is you car is just telling you to pay attention to it.  Most of the time your car is not going to break down immediately, you can usually tell if your car is about to die.  

In 2018, CarMD, published a list of the 10 most common check engine codes along with the estimated cost of repair.

1. (tie) Replace ignition coil(s) and spark plug(s) ($391.42)

1. (tie) Replace oxygen sensor(s) ($244.04)
3. Replace catalytic converter(s) with a new OEM catalytic converter(s) ($1,371.17)
4. Inspect for loose gas cap and tighten or replace as necessary ($25.86)
5. Replace ignition coil(s) ($217.91)
6. Replace evaporative emissions purge control valve ($149.52)
7. Replace mass airflow sensor ($340.58)
8. Replace evaporative emissions purge solenoid ($153.70)
9. Replace fuel injector(s) ($449.73)
10. Replace thermostat ($244.61)

It is important to not ignore that your check engine light is on.  You can take your car to your local mechanic for a diagnostic or even better, visit your local auto parts store.  They usually have a scan tool you can borrow to see what the issue is on your car. 

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