Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Key Fob

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Sep 2nd 2020

Key fobs are useful tools for your car. If your vehicle started with key fobs, you might have wondered why you put up with your old physical keys for so long. If it didn’t and you upgraded, then you know the reasons why you need a key fob. Regardless, key fobs make your car experience more convenient in all areas.

The Obvious

The primary reason you need a key fob is to start your car. While not all key fobs have this feature, most do. This feature means you no longer need to fish your keys out of your purse or pocket. The convenience of starting your car without putting a key in the ignition also means you do not need to fret about leaving your keys in the car.


key fob opening a car doorThe old way of unlocking and locking a car involved pulling the key out of your pocket, trying not to drop whatever you’re carrying, and manipulating the key into the keyhole. You probably remember the funny way people looked trying to unlock with a bag of groceries on one hip trying to do this. Key fobs eliminate that balancing act.


Key fobs also help you feel safe around your vehicle. You need a key fob to lock and unlock your vehicle quickly. This feature is excellent if you feel unsafe in the area your car is parked. Some newer key fobs even open your vehicle without buttons when you are close and lock them again as you walk away. This helps you keep your car safe too.

car alarm going offMost key fobs today also feature a panic button. This is typically a bright red button. If you push it, your car will flash the headlights and sound the car alarm. Not only does this help you locate your car if you need to, but this key fob feature can also startle would-be thieves and draw attention to you if there is a problem.


Some modern key fobs also offer another reason you need a key fob. These fobs can start your vehicle remotely. In most cases, this means the car will start adjusting the cabin environment to your last settings. Imagine sliding into a toasty car while it’s snowing.

Another comfort reason you need a key fob is in your pocket. The old keys sometimes twisted around and stabbed your thigh. Key fobs are smooth, so no matter which way you move, you will not need to dig into your pickets because the keys are hurting you.

Peace of Mind

If you have key fobs, you are less likely to lock them in the vehicle. After all, they simply stay in your purse or pocket. You need two key fobs, though, for perfect peace of mind. This way, if you lock yourself out of the vehicle, you can get your car unlocked without an unexpected locksmith bill straining your budget.

The two key fob method also means you do not need to stress when you’re rushing out the door. Often, you may find yourself thinking you have lost your keys. Having two key fobs means you take one now and find the other fob later.

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