We all have personal items we carry literally everywhere we go. Of the most common is the ever-essential combination of your phone, wallet, and keys. It’s such a common thing that comedy legend Adam Sandler even wrote a song about it!

We can’t give much advice on what to do if you lose your phone or your wallet, but when it comes to keys and when it comes to your car keys, we know all the best ways to get a replacement and get it fast!

While most modern cars do away with the traditional key in exchange for fancy technology like keyless fobs, transponder keys, and other nifty contraptions, some models and makes still rely on the tried-and-true type of key.

You can grab a new key from a variety of places, but what it costs depends entirely on the type of key you have. Here are five places to buy a car key replacement when you’ve lost your key or need a spare.

5 Places To Buy Car Key Replacements

1. The Dealership

Of course, you can pick up a key fob replacement for your vehicle directly from the vehicle’s dealership. Many folks prefer to go this route because they’re reputable, reliable, and convenient. Instead of taking any time to find local specialists or online vendors that provide the same services for a song, they simply shell out top dollar to get the replacement done quickly and easily.

We’re certainly not going to disparage the quality, reliability, and convenience you’ll get from the dealership. However, it’s prudent to recognize that this route generally costs 20% more than finding a local dealer or specialist to provide the same service.

If you like to get it done quickly and easily and you simply don’t feel you can trust anyone other than the dealership and/or manufacturer of the vehicle, then look no further than the car’s dealership. They’ll get you what you need, but it will cost you. Dearly.

2. Your Local Locksmith

Everyone knows to call the locksmith when they’re locked out of the house or car. With key fobs

and transponders so widely used today. However, many people aren’t sure if the local locksmith can provide a replacement key. Do they have them? Can they program them? Will it even work?

A resounding yes to each of these viable concerns, but it depends on the locksmith. Some small businesses only do traditional locksmith services and will help you get in when you’re locked out or cut you a replacement key for manual use. Some might even perform laser-cutting, which many modern manual keys use.

However, some local experts can and will carry a wide array of key fobs that are compatible with different models and makes of vehicles, and they’ll come to provide and program these fobs for a fraction of the cost of the dealership.

The big pros here include supporting local businesses and paying considerably less than you would if you went to the dealer. However, the drawbacks are that not all locksmiths can provide this service, and some of them may not carry the fob that interacts with your specific vehicle.

This option will turn off those who are unwilling to look into things a little bit, but those who research a little might be rewarded for their time and effort. Click here o find an automotive locksmith in your area.

3. Major Retailers

If you’re looking to grab your car key replacement but also a bag of chips, a discount pair of paints, a bargain bin DVD, and other miscellaneous items, major retailers like WalMart sell car key replacements and can cut keys as well.

Other retailers that will duplicate keys or program new fobs include Best Buy, Ace Hardware, AutoZone, Home Depot, and Lowes, to name a few.

It’s important to check with your location before hedging your bets on this option, as the services vary by location and depend highly on the staff and equipment present.

For instance, most Walmart locations can and will cut key replacements, but many are hard-pressed to program a new fob. Likewise, Best Buy can program a new fob instantly, but might not have the hardware to cut standard key replacements physically.

The upside of major retailers is that they’re prevalent. Simply drive down any commercial stretch of road, and you’ll notice several options within a short distance. The downside, however, is as outlined above in that you simply won’t be able to get what you need from every retailer you encounter.

4) Online vendors

Online vendors are widely available, including services like Keyless Entry Remote Inc, and offer spare keys, replacement keys, and other services that will make sure you have everything you need to retain access to your vehicle at all times.  To ensure you are receiving a quality car key replacement, make sure the online vendor offers factory OEM key fob replacements, Keyless Entry Remote Inc is one of these such online vendors.  Other online vendors will offer aftermarket or low quality knock offs.

Nonetheless, it’s super convenient to log onto a site from your phone, tablet, or any other device, enter a few fields of info, and voila! A brand new key!  

5. Third Party Specialists

Believe it or not, there are small businesses and specialists out there whose businesses revolve entirely around providing replacements and spare car keys and fobs to those in need. One such business, Keyless Entry Remote Inc., offers competitive pricing, comprehensive service, and the ability to both cut or program keys to your needs.

They even specialize in “complicated” key creations like laser-cutting, transponder keys, and switchblade keys for various models and makes.

If you’re in the Omaha, Nebraska region and need a car key replacement, Keyless Entry Remote Inc. is your one-stop shop to get everything you need. But if not, don’t give up hope! There are sure to be specialists just like Keyless Entry Remote Inc. in your area as well that can help get you out of a bind.

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