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How Much Do Car Key Replacements Cost?

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote Inc on Oct 20th 2022

We’ve all been there before. We’re in a hurry, and we rush out the door only to get stopped at the car door. We do a quick pat ourselves and check every pocket. We dig furiously through whatever bag or carry-on we’re carting around in search for that all-important key.

Most of the time, it’s just a nuisance that we forget upstairs, misplace, drop on our walk, or do something else silly that does little more than cost us some time. Sometimes, however, it’s for real — sometimes, you really did lose it for good, and you’ll need a replacement.

How Much Do Replacement Keys Cost?

How Much Does A Key Fob Cost

Back in the day, you could swing by the dealer and ask for another set. Usually, it’d run you a couple of bucks, and they’d have the key made or available before too long.

Today, you can still get a basic key made for approximately $50, depending on the model and make of your vehicle. That’s because traditional keys are made from simple materials. All a great locksmith, car dealership, or other specialty service provider needs to create a brand new key is some cursory tools and a blank key ready for cutting.

However, traditional keys are being replaced by electronic and computerized options instead. Instead of a physical key, we’re more and more using push-starts and key fobs that provide keyless entry and activation of the vehicle.

Could you get a device like that replaced for $50? Often, you cannot.

How Much Does a Replacement Fob Cost?

How much it costs to get a replacement on a keyless entry system or even a transponder key that opens the door and turns on the ignition will depend on various factors. On average, your standard remote key fob will cost $150 or more.

In addition, these are electronic devices with computer chips, so one cannot simply “cut a new one.” Instead, you will need a specialist to program the device so that it interacts with your vehicle in the same fashion your old one did. You will pay extra for programming. This typically will run $100 or more depending on the vehicle.

However, your car dealership will have manufacturer-specific hardware for sale for significantly higher than that. Instead, we recommend visiting a trusted third-party provider like Keyless Entry Remote Inc. to get the same job done for considerably less money.

Keyless Entry Remote Inc even offers the same factory OEM key fob replacements the manufacturer or dealer would have provided, and you will enjoy the same convenience and function from the state-of-the-art technology refurbishing process they use for all key fob and transponder key replacements.

What About Laser-Cut or Switchblade Keys?

You may have noticed a difference between traditional keys and laser-cut keys, but maybe you didn’t know why they were different. Whereas old-school style keys are just a piece of metal fashioned into, well, a key, laser-cut keys are, you guessed it, cut by lasers to guarantee a perfect fit. To accommodate the laser, laser-cut keys are often much thicker and more durable than your generic key. That's why many modern car keys are thick metal slabs with deep ridges and grooves.

Since it’s a thicker key and requires specific technology to create a replacement, it will often cost more than your standard key replacement. Expect to pay between $150 and $300 to replicate.

Switchblade keys are specialized, too, often including a laser-cut key inside a fob sheath that pops out like a switchblade, as the name suggests. Just like laser-cut keys, the specialization required to make a reliable and high-quality replacement will likely cost between $150 and $350, depending on your car’s model and make. Nowadays, it’s quite expensive to lose your keys!

Where Can I Get a Replacement Key?

There are many options for where you might find a replacement key for your vehicle. A locksmith can help if you’re in a real bind, as can a hardware store or your car’s dealership.

Just as with repairs, visiting the dealership is likely to cost considerably more than anywhere else. Some dealers charge 20% or more for the same stuff than any specialty shop, or third-party service provider could do just as well!

How do they get away with it? Reputation and convenience. Dealers know they can charge the absolute maximum because their clients trust the brand and know that they will get a quality key replacement from the people who made the car.

Understandably, customers would want to take their business to someone reputable and convenient. However, the incredibly high price is unjustifiable.

Keyless Entry Remote Inc. is The Solution!

No matter where you are located, you’re in luck! Instead of squandering your hard-earned money to fix a mistake, you made in losing your key by going to the dealership, let Keyless Entry Remote Inc. take care of it for you.

Their specialists are well-versed in cars of all makes and models and can provide the same services and key replacement types as any car dealership but at a fraction of the price. Like the dealership, they pride themselves on their good reputation and providing the utmost convenience in all scenarios.

The best part? It’s a fraction of the cost that the dealership would charge. Whereas the dealership will look for a couple of hundred to punish your mistake, Keyless Entry Remote Inc. charges considerably less. So don’t throw your money away going to the dealership — contact Keyless Entry Remote Inc. and set up your appointment today!

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