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  • Everything You Need To Know About Replacing Your Honda Pilot Key Fob

    You can't predict everything. Especially your Honda Pilot key fob suddenly not working, breaking, or getting lost on a day when time is short. When that happens, Keyless Entry Remote is there to help you find a solution.

    Use this guide to learn how to replace your Honda Pilot key fob's battery and what to do when you've lost or damaged your remote.

  • Honda Pilot Key Fob Battery Replacement Instructions

    A dead battery is the most common reason a remote stops working. To find the correct replacement battery for your Honda Pilot key fob, use this battery finder by entering your year, make, and model. Honda Pilot remotes usually use a CR2032, CR2025, & CR1616 battery. Most key fob batteries cost less than $6 and are available for purchase online.

    Follow the below instructions to open your Honda Pilot key fob and replace the battery:

    For newer Honda Pilots, insert the hidden key into a designated slot to open the case. For older Honda Pilots, use a thin object (like a flathead screwdriver) to pry open the case at the notch. After opening the case, gently lift the circuit board to access the battery. Before removing the battery, note how it fits in the case. Next, replace the old battery with the new one and close the case. Test your key fob's functionality by pressing buttons to ensure it is working properly. If it doesn't work, adjust the battery by ensuring the connections are clean and in contact with the battery.

    To see step-by-step video instructions on replacing your remote's battery, search for your Honda Pilot key fob on our YouTube page. If you cannot find your specific Honda Pilot key fob, you can find a video showing the battery replacement process of a different remote that is the same type as yours.

    There are five types of key fobs:

    1. Standard Remotes
      • Exactly as it sounds, just a remote with no other special features
    2. Flip Keys
      • A remote with an attached key that flips out like a switchblade
    3. Remote Heads
      • A remote with a key blade sticking out of it, the key blade does not retract or hide
    4. Fobik Keys
      • A remote with a key hidden inside, the key fob and key blade are not connected
    5. Smart Keys
      • A remote that is often associated with push-to-start

    If changing your Honda Pilot key fob's battery does not resolve your issue, you may need to replace your Honda Pilot key fob entirely.

  • Honda Pilot Key Fob Case & Key Blade Replacement Tips

    The extent of the damage to your Honda Pilot key fob will determine your options.

    A damamged key blade means you need to order a new, uncut key blade and have it cut. To cut your key blade, seek out trusted automotive professionals, such as the ones found here on our Locksmith Locator page.

    If your Honda Pilot key fob's case is damaged but the internal electronics are fine, you can easily replace the case. The availability of Honda Pilot key fob cases cannot be guaranteed. If you don't mind not having a logo, you can try aftermarket cases.

    If your remote is damaged beyond the key blade or case, then you may need to replace your Honda Pilot key fob entirely.

  • Honda Pilot Key Fob Replacement Costs

    A replacement Honda Pilot key fob is the only solution to a lost or severely damaged remote. Brand-new replacements can cost you $200 or more. A used, refurbished key fob is a more cost-effective option.

  • Honda Pilot Key Fob Programming Instructions

    After you purchase your replacement Honda Pilot key fob, your next 2 steps are figuring out how you are going to program your remote and finding an automotive professional to cut the key blade. Some key fobs are easy to program by yourself, but others require an automotive locksmith.

    To find out whether you can self-program your Honda Pilot key fob or need help, look up your key fob programming instructions here. If you do need an automotive professional, find a trusted locksmith on our Locksmith Locator page.

  • Honda Pilot Key Fob Replacement Knowledge Resource

    Keyless Entry Remote is here to give you a fast and seamless Honda Pilot key fob replacement purchase. Whether you simply need parts or an entirely new remote, our knowledgeable associates are ready to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you have.

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