How To Change A 2001 - 2006 Lexus LS Key Fob Remote Battery FCC ID HYQ12BBK

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Jul 26th 2019

Need some help figuring out how to open your key fob without breaking it?  We have put together a quick video on how to change the battery in a 2001 - 2006 #Lexus LS Key Fob

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Tools you will need:

•  Flat head screw driver

Estimated time to completion:

•  5 Minutes

  Skill Level

•  Beginner

Compatible Vehicles

  • 2001 Lexus LS400
  • 2001 Lexus LS430
  • 2001 Lexus LS460
  • 2002 Lexus LS400
  • 2002 Lexus LS430
  • 2002 Lexus LS460
  • 2003 Lexus LS400
  • 2003 Lexus LS430
  • 2003 Lexus LS460
  • 2004 Lexus LS400
  • 2004 Lexus LS430
  • 2004 Lexus LS460
  • 2005 Lexus LS400
  • 2005 Lexus LS430
  • 2005 Lexus LS460
  • 2006 Lexus LS400
  • 2006 Lexus LS430
  • 2006 Lexus LS460
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