Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro Help Guide

The Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro is a useful tool with many useful help features. Using these increases your productivity and decreases your frustration. However, first, you must understand where to find help on your Smart Pro.

Why You Would Need Help

Between the plethora of car models and the constant innovation in the car key industry, it’s impossible to keep track of every detail. Using the help features on your Smart Pro means you do not have to memorize the information to handle your job efficiently.

Getting to the Right Smart Pro Screen

The Smart Pro is intuitively designed to assist you, so the screens are easy to navigate. On the main screen of your Smart Pro, tap vehicle selection. Then select the make of the vehicle, followed by the model. The Smart Pro keeps individual pages that update for each model year group, so make sure you get the right page.

Once you get to the right vehicle make, model, and year, the Smart Pro will display general information. The functions you need for key programming are on the right. However, you want to examine the buttons on the left side of your Smart Pro for help.

The Remote Tab

The remote tab is second from the bottom on the main vehicle screen on your Smart Pro. When you tap remote, it brings up the original manufacturer onboard procedure instructions for adding a remote. This information is invaluable since you may not be able to enable the remote’s PROX settings without them.

The other thing the remote tab is useful for is as a diagnostic tool. Following the onboard procedure can help you determine if there is a PROX issue or a vehicle issue. This information lets you troubleshoot better and helps your customer hit the road quicker.

The Smart Pro Tips and Tricks Tab

The other useful Smart Pro help feature is the tips and tricks tab. Each vehicle page has one page with unique information for that specific vehicle that makes your job of programming keys easier. Depending on how often you work with a given car, this can be an enormous time saver.

For example, if you do not usually work on the 2012 Ford Expeditions often, then it can save you significant time. In most cases, before you can add keys to an Expedition, you must erase keys. Then the car computer will let you add the new keys.

These considerations are so varied; you could not possibly memorize them all for your auto locksmith work. By storing this information, the Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro offers enormous help towards getting your customers on the road again quickly.

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